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Our History

The first classes, although no date was found, were held in an old one room building.  The building was of the simplest and crudest construction.  Early citizens of Dutch Prairie (now known as Patterson) built a two-story frame school in 1847.  They called it Pattersonville Academy. In 1899, there were five in the graduating class. It was certified as an approved high school in 1900.

First School Building
Patterson High School 1950's  

PHS's first brick structure cost $28,350.00 In this building our school achieved many literary and scholastic honors -- State Championship in Geometry in 1914, State Championship in Track in 1922. The football team even defeated Southwest Louisiana Institute.

The first wing was built in 1953, the second in 1958, and the third in 1963. It housed grades 1 through 12 until 1969 and grades 4 - 12 until 1976.

In the fall of 1976, we moved into our present building. We WERE PROUD THEN -- AND WE STILL ARE! Today we have an enrollment of 500 plus students and we are still achieving "EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION".

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