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Professor Garfield


NRICH publishes free online mathematics enrichment resources that are designed to develop subject knowledge and problem solving skills for students of all ages (8-19).

The Futures Channel
Tune in, turn on to the future.

Finding Hurkle
Another math site where you try to
locate grids on a map!

Math Connections
Fun exercises in reading points
on a graph!

The Maths File Game Show
Join Hypatia and Pythagoras
for an interesting game of
Math Wheel of Fortune!

Math Mastery
Leading website dedicated to helping students, teachers and parents learn, practice, and understand essential math skills.

Whether you tackle a Problem of the Week
take the Go Figure! Math Challenge, test your skills with a previous competition or chat with other students, Have Fun!

Maths Is Fun
You can practice math facts, solve puzzles,
learn how to calculate the area of several shapes, and print worksheets and math tables!


build word power using the tools
at this site (also has games like hangman)

Reading Skills
Interactive activities designed to
help reading skills!

The magic of words -- that's what A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) is about.

Interactive Crossword Puzzle
The Daily Crossword plays like
the real deal!

The Plural Girls
Enjoy this funbrain challenging game!

Power Proofreading
Great for LEAP and IOWA reviews!

Beat the Dictionary
"Are you a word expert? Play the game
and find out!"


Test Preparation Information
Provides study guides and strategies

8th Grade LEAP
Practice makes perfect, and perfect
practice makes perfect

IOWA Test Prep
Practice makes perfect, and perfect
practice makes perfect

Ellis Island
Visit this Interactive Tour of
Ellis Island at Scholastic


Homework Resources

The Study Stack
Site for help with all school subjects.


Merriam-Webster OnLine:
The Language Center

Be Sure to Check out the FOR KIDS Link
Easy to remember, this site also contains
a fully searchable thesaurus

OneLook Dictionaries
A "meta-dictionary," this site lets you
type in a word once to search across more
than 840 dictionaries.


Britannica Online
The online version of one of the most
respected print encyclopedias offers
both free and premium access.

Other Resources:

Roget's Thesaurus
The online version of the definitive
thesaurus lets you search for words or
browse them alphabetically or by category.

A comprehensive site with links to every
kind of information imaginable. If you do
not know where to start looking for a
particular fact or statistic, start here.

Bartleby is fully searchable and contains
the complete text of Bartlett's Quotations, Simpson's Quotations, the Columbia World
of Quotations, as well as dozens of
biographies, articles, and books.


Native Way Cookbook
Learn to cook American Indian foods, find authentic ingredients, and explore both culinary and medicinal uses for plants and herbs.

Native Americans and the Environment
At this central clearinghouse of information for environmental problems in Native American communities, you will gain a different perspective on what ecotourism is all about.

Mexican Americans:
Their History and Culture

Mexican Americans - Proud People. History, Education and People Portal

Maya Adventure
Check out the Altar de Sacrificios, roam the Chiapas Highlands, or study the textiles art and sacred designs of Chiapas Maya.

National Geographic's Maya Mystery
Who's buried in the blue tomb? To solve the mystery, you'll need to explore a Maya temple. The Maya were once the most powerful civilization in Central America.

Latin Americans
Portal to the World.


Virtual Jerusalem Tour
Photographs with brief details of churches, monasteries, the Temple Mount and other sites from the Virtual Tour of Jerusalem.

Latin Hills of Rome
Discover the people, culture, places, military, mythology, government, and architecture of Ancient Rome!

Teotihuacan: The City of the Gods
Site created to offer the general public and experts around the world access to information about this ancient city.

Virtual Tour of Edo (Tokyo)
A tour of Edo (Tokyo) Japan, describing the history of Japan's greatest city.

Virtual Hajj
Take the Virtual Hajj. It's the closest thing to being there.

Explore a Viking Village
Want to "walk" through a real Viking village?

Sydney, Australia
Enjoy this picture filled slide show!

Virtual Tour of Oxford
Be sure to visit this unique photographic virtual reality tour of the historic university city of Oxford.

The Alamo
An introduction on the Alamo and its history.

Ellis Island
Visit this Interactive Tour of
Ellis Island at Scholastic


Tag Galaxy
A visual feast for the eyes! It will change
how you search forever!

Wonderful visual experience
unlike anything else around.


EarthCam for Kids
Take your kids to see tigers, search for
ghosts, and journey to New York to visit
the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy!

Helping kids discover the world!

Discovery Kids
You're sure to enjoy this website that has tons
of things to see and do! You'll be busy
for hours having fun and learning at
the same time!

Weekly Reader
Browse their online site for games and
puzzles, contests, teen activities,
speaking out, and magazines!

Visit here for cool games, almanac,
atlas, dictionary, and an encyclopedia!
Site dedicated to making teaching
and learning exciting. 

Browse through this Interactive
Museum of News!

BBC - Schools
Learning resources for home and school.

The River Wild
Ready to brave the rapids? Take a wild ride down Idaho’s Selway River.

Make Beliefs Comix
Playground for the budding Stan Lee
in your class – flame on!

An interactive service helping visitors
to museums and cultural venues.

City Creator
Build an online city with the Construction Crew!


Create and share music, ideas,
and offer opinions.

Incredibox is a fun Flash toy that lets you control a beat-box 'band' or 'a capella group.


Who Wants to Win $1,000,000
Test your knowledge of math and science as you work your way to the million dollar level.


Ellis Island
Enjoy this Interactive Tour of Ellis Island,
home of the Statue of Liberty!

White House
There's lots to see and do on this site
concerning 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

How big were dinosaurs? How did they move?
And did some really have feathers?
Dig into some exciting discoveries.

The Computing Revolution
Check out: When Computers Go Bad, UNIVAC, 21st Century Computing, ENIGMA, WHIRLWIND, Personal Computers, and HACKING!

Underground Railroad
For runaway slaves, the road to freedom was full of great danger and difficult decisions. Get on board and start the journey.

The Computer Museum
Check out the exhibits and explore the
museum's many offerings.

History of Computers
Check out the developmental stages
of the computer. The Who? The What?
and The How?


Survey and Psychology Tests
Find out more about yourself through
these interactive links.

Harry Potter
Enjoy this official site of the movie!

Junior League Baseball Magazine
Published by youth baseball enthusiasts,
we know the sport and what it
means to you!

Discover Your EyeQ
Optical illusions that play tricks
on your eyes!

Secrets of Aging
Check out information on your body, mind, society, and longevity!

Shark Surfari
How much do you really know about sharks?
Swim through some "fin" facts about these amazing fish.


Play Scholastic
Click around this page for fun!

Lyndsey's Mania
See if you can master these games?
A safe place for kids around the world
to play. Registeration is not required
to explore KidsCom.

Build Your Own Roller Coaster!
Create your own ride and send us off

National Geographic Explorer
National Geographic Explorer is a classroom magazine for grades three through six. Its pages invite students to explore the world and all that is in it. This website provides an extension to the magazine and allows students to explore in a fun, safe, online environment.

Have fun destroying the enemy fleet!

Experiment with their own creativity by
creating, publishing and sharing their own ringtones.


This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid.

National Hurricane Center
Tropical Prediction Center

This site offers a broad range of information about storms, current conditions, forecasting, and historical data.

Tornadoes: Nature's Most Violent Storms
Is it true that you're safe from tornadoes in the mountains or near lakes? Find the answers to these questions and much more at this site.


National center for chronic
disease prevention.

Red Ribbon Coalition
Building a Safe and Healthy
Community together!

Partnership for a Drug Free America
Help kids make better, healthier decisions
for themselves and ultimately
for society!

Leadership to Keep Children
Alcohol Free!
A unique coalition of Governors' spouses,
Federal agencies, and public and private organizations, is an initiative to prevent
the use of alcohol by children
ages 9 to 15!

The Anti-Drug

Drug prevention information center, and a supportive community for parents to
interact and learn from each other!

The PoliceNotebook
Helping kids protect themselves
and handle emergencies!

Tobacco Free Kids
Where America draws the line.
Brought to you by the National Youth
Anti-Drug Media Campaign!

The CoolSpot.Gov
Resources, information, and support on alcohol use and abuse among teenagers.

A Day in the Life of a Teen
Find out the facts and dangers of
drug abuse and what you can
do—and say—to protect yourself
and navigate through social situations.


Dance Mat Typing

Typing Web

Touch Typing




Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Another amazing tool from the company named after that really big number.


Healthy Teeth
This site is designed for curious students
who want to know about the "why?"
of oral health!

Kids Health
Largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.

Created for kids by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that focuses on stress and physical fitness using games, quizzes and other interactive features.

KIDD Safety
Explore and play all of Kidd's
challenging safety games.
The Program was started in 1997. Affiliated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is, above all else, an information and prevention tool for youth.

Skeleton Shakedown
Help to put the skeleton back together!

Brain Drain
Help complete the brain map!



Exploring the Early Americas
Travel back in time, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Southeastern Louisiana

Explore the history and culture of
Southeastern Louisiana

Wal-Mart Foundation
Great Black History information.

Black History 103
Click here for links to Internet Activity!

America's Story
Discover the stories of America's
past from America's Library!

Labor Day
Explore the U.S. Dept. of Labor Site
for up to date information!

Explore the lives and careers of all
the American Presidents.

Ben's Guide to US Government
All grade levels are covered in this website
which features Ben Franklin serving as your personal guide to learning more about the government.

Underground Railroad
National Geographic Presents this unique
website on the history of slavery,
pictures, and history.

African American Odyssey:
A Quest for Full Citizenship

A Library of Congress online exhibit.

Colonial Hall
This site contains more than 100 biographies of people who played major roles in the founding of the United States.

Do You Know the Amendments?
Learn about the Amendments to the Constitution with this great little history matching game.


Build Your Own Volcano
Build it and watch it explode!

Interactive Organs Game
Plumb together your organs in the 3D jigsaw puzzle.
Improves critical thinking and
problem solving skills.

Muscles Game
Put the mystery muscles into the right places
on the body.

A NASA site for kids to search for
and design a habitable planet.

The Virtual Body
Interactive 3-D presentation of
human anatomy and physiology.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's
Nye Labs Online
Bill Nye the Science Guy makes learning about science fun!

Skeleton Game
Get the joints and unusual bones
in the right places.

Your Gross and Cool Body
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet, a science education site that uses a laugh and learn technique that makes learning fun.

Take the ultimate science field trip!

Check out the awesome 3D image gallery and see what bugs look like up close and personal!
Offers forecasts for cities worldwide as well as radar and satellite maps. Also includes news stories and allergy information.



Lyndsey's Mania
See if you can master these QUIZZES?

~ Heiroglyphics Generator ~
Ever wondered what your name
or some other word would look like
in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

~ Mummy Time ~
Your task is to make sure that the person
is perfectly preserved according to the
traditions of the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egypt
Explore Mummies, Tombs, and Pharaoh Gold!
Plan Your Afterlife! Send a Buried Message!

Great Barrier Reef
Australia's giant coral reef is home to some fascinating creatures. Pay them a virtual visit.

Explore Ancient World Cultures
Enjoy this online introduction to
ancient world cultures.

Betsy Ross House
Experience the home of America's
most famous flag.




Ben & Jerry's
Enjoy this ice-cream company's Halloween page.

Halloween Magazine
This site includes Halloween safety game/quiz, articles, and links to craft, decorating, and history sites.

Check out all of the cool activities!

Halloween Riddles
Enjoy these KidsDomain Halloween Riddles!

Hershey's Fun
Check out all of the fun stuff to do at this site such as happiness cards, scavenger hunt, solitaire game, and tons of Halloween stuff.

Halloween Games
Tons of games to play!









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