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1 - Music Lovers Day

Mummy Maker
You are the assistant to the chief embalmer during the reign of King Tut.
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Information provided on law enforcement specials, educators packages, bicycle safety, and fingerprint kits.

2 - Bathtub Day

Computer History Museum
Check out all of the online exhibits available.
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Check out these Monster Stats!

3 - World's Greatest Pie

Satisfy your hunger!

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Hispanic Heritage Month!
Check out all of the wonderful
information available at

6 - Fire Safety Week

A unique site that will help you get in the mood for something fun!

How Everyday
Things are Made

n introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products (like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles) and manufacturing processes (like forging, casting, or injection molding).

7 - Dessert Month

Halloween Ghost Stories
A collection of some of the best and scariest stories on the web. Best read at night!

ffers interactive, educational activities and games (math, grammar, science) for K-8 kids. This site also offers useful resources for parents and teachers. Check it out!

8 - Columbus Day

Hershey's Fun
Check out all of the fun stuff to do at this site such as happiness cards, scavenger hunt, solitaire game, and tons of Halloween stuff.

Study Stacks
elps you memorize information about various subjects. Display a stack of "virtual cards," review the information at your own pace, keep the cards you need to review, and export the data to your cellphone or PDA.

9 - Adopt a Dog Month

Halloween Games
Tons of games to play!

Dumptown Game
You are Dumptown's new City Manager!

10 - Grouch Day

Halloween Games
Tons of games to play!

Dynamic Earth
Delve into the earth's interior, learn about its tectonic plates and their movements, and discover how mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes are formed.

13 - Black Poetry Day

National Geographic Kids
Complete the Halloween
Surprise Fill-in!

Shark Surfari
How much do you really know
about sharks?
Swim through some "fin" facts about these amazing fish.

14 - Eat Pasta Day!

Interior Design
Bring your interior design ideas and remodeling dreams to life.

The Presidents
Learn all about our Presidents at this website.

15 - Roller Skating Month

Halloween Tunes
Get ready for trick-or-treat season with these spooky tunes.
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Haunted Halls
Enjoy this Ligon Middle School site created by students!

Fuel Our Future Now!
Igniting imaginations to empower the next generation!


16 - Reptile Day

School Tube
The Best Videos from Students and Teachers Everywhere.

Toyota Teen Driver
 Test your driving skills with Heads Up!

17 - Eat a Pretzel Day

Power Proofreading
Great for LEAP and IOWA reviews!


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Ben & Jerry's
Enjoy this ice-cream company's Halloween page.

20 - Dinosaur Month

National center for chronic disease prevention.

Red Ribbon Coalition
Building a Safe and Healthy Community together!

21 - Peace Week

Partnership for a Drug Free America
Help kids make better, healthier decisions for themselves and ultimately for society!

Just Think Twice
You're heard the fiction, Now Learn the Facts!

22 - Magic Week

The Anti-Drug

Drug prevention information center, and a supportive community for parents to interact and learn from each other!

Helping kids protect themselves and handle emergencies!

23 - Chocolate Day

Tobacco Free Kids
Where America draws the line.

Test your knowledge with this fun interactive social studies game.

Making sure you are educated on the dangers of social networking.


24 - Pumpkin Day

Brought to you by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign!

Kids Health
Largest and most visited site on the Web providing doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.


27 - Vegetarian Day

National Portrait Gallery in London
The Gallery was founded in 1856 to collect portraits of famous British men and women. Explore over 195,000 portraits from the 16th Century to the present day.

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A Diary of the Planet

A weekly summary of worldwide geography events.

28 - Golf Lovers Day

Mars Healthy Living
Learn some information about the
healthy side of the Mars company.

Spelling City
Use this site to help you improve your spelling and vocabulary!

29 - Paint a Pumpkin Day

The Plural Girls
Enjoy this funbrain challenging game!

Check out all of the cool activities!

Science of Everyday
Enter a world of cool science


30 - Happy Halloween

Design Your Own Bill
Try your hand at designing your new bill.

Build Your Wild Self
You can create elf-like creatures with clothes and animal characteristics.

31 - Happy Halloween

Beat the Dictionary
"Are you a word expert? Play the game and find out!"
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Zap a Ghost
You'll enjoy zapping ghosts on this Discovery game!


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