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2 - National Anthem Day

Monopoly type game for one, two, three, or four players

Time for Kids
Women's History Month

There are profiles, a quiz, a history of this event, and a timeline of women's history milestones.

Draw that Habitat
During the activity students learn that a habitat is a place that an animal lives where they get food and water, find shelter, search for a mate, and raise babies. 

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about heroes, Gods, and monsters of Greek Mythology.


3 - Capitalization Day

Don't Forget
to Check Out:
JPAMS for Grades

Free games, newsletter,
quizzes, and more!

Collect recyclables off the ground and drop them off at the green recycling bins before you run out of time or lose all your lives!!!

How Stuff Works
A series of articles explaining how computer stuff works.

Earth Shots
Views of ecological destruction around the world.

4 - Follow the Law Day

Charlie French dot com
Check out the Test Preparation tips and sample tests
An interactive museum.

Incredible Art Department
The Incredible Art Department is for art teachers, art students, parents, homeschoolers and artists. IAD includes
information on art jobs, art careers, art schools, art education, lesson plans, visual art news, and art resources.

Louisiana Pass Web Site
PASS gives you a chance to practice your skills and jet to a space adventure at the same time


5 - Dentist Day

Exploring a World at Risk!

Be A Martian
Students can virtually explore and learn about the human-robotic partnership that makes virtual exploration possible.

United States
Use any of my 50 state interactive maps to conduct research for state reports, find statistics, or facts, or, learn about the histories of cities and landmarks.

Fun Science Gallery
A collection of scientific instruments and experiments.




6 - Procrastination Week

Gr. 8 Glencoe LEAP Practice
Online quizzes for math!

A Lifetime of Color
Fun interactive environment where students can learn about, and study, art and artists.  in these “Art Edventures.”

Art Project
Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

6th Grade Math Games
Here is a list of all of the skills students learn in sixth grade!

9 - Farmer's Day

Create a Pond
Click and drag pictures to create your own pond scene

Live Animal Cams
Love the Zoo's web cams? Help support the Zoo!

Google Street View
This is a collection of Google Street views of famous landmarks, buildings, and art, sport, and entertainment venues from around the world.

10 - Being First

My Pyramid Blast Off
Interactive computer game where kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity.

Louisiana 4-H
Young people across America learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

Women's History Timeline
You'll enjoy this interactive journey!

Just select a subject that you would like to know more about!
6th Grade Skills
7th Grade Skills
8th Grade Skills

11 - World Clown Week

Empowering youth to be responsible for safe Internet experiences

Express yourself!
Create art as unique
as you are!

Don't Gross Out the World
Cute - International Dining Etiquette Quiz

Element Matching Game
The computer will give you a list of chemical symbols and a list of chemical names. Choose the chemical name that each chemical symbol represents. 

12 - Don't Do It


Visitors can explore subjects related to animals, the environment, food, nutrition, etc..

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Features a collection of exhibits and online resources about aviation and space science.

Animated Biographies
These animated biographies will
bring the stories of famous Americans to life!

13 - Ear Protectors

Edgar Allan Poe Immortalized

Maryland Public Television brings this media-rich electronic field trip to life for middle and high school students, teachers, and Poe fan

Tween Tribune
National News for Tweens with comments from Tweens.

Check out this fun way to create online music!


16 - Quilting Day

Answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net!

GeoBee Quiz
Daily quizzes with answers.

The Lost Lunchbox
Can you help solve the mystery?

17 - Tumbleweed Day

Country Watch
A "Web site to the world" that provides cultural, economic, political, and environmental information for the world's 191 countries.

What Came First?
You must identify and remove the anachronistic elements!!

Kids Newsroom
Read here for the current news around the world!


18 - Talk to Dad Day

Myth Brainstorming Machine
This machine was built to help you come up with ideas to write a myth of your own. Follow the directions, use your imagination, and have fun!

Enjoy the DinoDig Interactive game!

Place the State
Check out this interactive site from Sheppard Software.

19 - Chocolate Milk Day

Created by defenders of wildlife. Cool stuff for teachers and students!

Bill Zimmerman's
Treasure Chest

Be creative and have fun
while doing it!

SimCity Classic
FREE online Classic version (may not open at school, but check it out at home)


20 - Let's Laugh Day

Take this geography quiz to see how well you know where things are around the world.

50th Anniversary
of Nasa
An interactive tour of NASA's first five decades of exploration, featuring virtual pavilions, clickable models and exhibits, video galleries, astronauts, presidents, and a robot guide named Automa.

City Creator
Try out this cool interactive site!

23 - Goof Off Day

EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education program for youth who care about the planet.

Character Scrapbook
Use this reader's response activity to analyze the characters in any book. Print and collect your scrapbook pages.

History Mystery
How would you like to become a great investigator — of history!

24 - Bubble Blowers Day

OLogy means "the study of." And here on the American Museum of Natural History's OLogy Web site, you can study and explore many cool Ologies.

Go West!
Wild rivers. Rugged mountains. An unknown continent to explore. This great American expedition will face them all. And they need your help on this incredible adventure.

Historic Tale Reconstruction Kit
Create your own stories.

25 - Harry Houdini's Birthday

Environauts Mission
to Earth

Help! The planet Ergon is filling up with trash and they need some!!!

The Museum of Modern Technology
Join Ada Omega and discover the world of Technology!

Bayeux Tapestry Activities 
World History: Complete the tapestry, build a Norman ship, etc

26 - Pecan Day

Learn more about animals, tropical forest, and weather.

Liberty's Kids
Check out this animated adventure television series!

Interactive shockwave quizzes on topics of geology

27 - Born to Play Football

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens
Great site if you're looking for a real adventure!

The Butterfly Website
Photogallery, inspiring stories, clipart and more!


Who Wants to Win $1,000,000
Test your knowledge of math and science as you work your way to the million dollar level!

30 - Mr. Wal-Mart

PETA for Kids
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Detective Training Activities
We need your detective skills to help us protect the Earth!


31 - Happy Spring

60 Second Recap
60second Recap helps you understand the books you have to read in school. Videos for plot, themes and more-everything you need to wow your English teacher.

Wonderful World of Insects
Check out the Butterfly Ring!

Prehistoric Life
Explore the ancient Earth with videos from BBC programs.










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