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All Teachers Teach! All Students Learn! All Parents Support! Academically We Succeed!

Niki Fryou, Principal

Charles Foulcard, Assistant Principal


Dear Parents,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Hattie A. Watts Elementary School, we would like to welcome you to the 2011-2012 school year.

This will be a very exciting year with the addition of 4th grade. Hattie Watts will be the second largest school in St. Mary Parish with only Morgan City High School larger.

It is our hope that with your help we may educate your child to their fullest potential. We are fully committed to making you an instrumental part of your child’s learning years. To attain this goal it is imperative that teachers, parents, and administration communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of your child. In addition, your child attendance is crucial to academic success. A student cannot gain the lessons from that day if they are not present. Make-up work is not the same as the actual instruction. Tardies will be enforced. After 4 tardies, a referral to the District Attorney’s office will be made. Students need to be in class by 8:05. Please help us by getting them to school in plenty of time to make it to class and unpack without being rushed. Homework is an extension of learning and should be completed daily. If no written work is assigned, read or study.

We also want to take this opportunity to remind you that the School board provided the funds for us to purchase the majority of the school supplies for the children. This is such a big help for all of our families. Be sure to thank your board members when you see them. Teachers may send notes requesting additional items during the school year.

We are very excited about the new challenges we face as the instructional leadership team of an even bigger Watts! We made tremendous growth the last four years and expect even better things this year. Having 4th grade at Watts has been a goal of ours since we took over! With your continued help and support we will make this one of the best years ever!

Niki Fryou,  Principal

Charles Foulcard, Assistant Principal


Mission Statement:

All Teachers Teach! All Students Learn! All Parents Support! Academically We Succeed!




  • Provide a quality staff to guide all students
  • Provide quality instruction to each student
  • Provide a quality facility for the students to attain their education
  • Provide for the individual needs of all students

    School Philosophy:

    Children entering primary school do so with needs and apprehensions that must be met and dealt with before learning takes place. The community in which Hattie A. Elementary school is located in is a community that is in a continuous state of flux. The families moving in and out of this area do so with children who bring diverse backgrounds and levels of readiness. Some have skills sufficient to enter school, while some are without pre-school experience necessary for beginning school.

    We believe our program must identify these needs and determine the degree of readiness of each child entering our school, whether it is kindergarten, first, second, or third grade levels. We believe the success of the school’s total educational program is directly proportional to the degree of happiness exhibited by the children in the school and the degree of dedication of the faculty and staff.

    We also believe the education of a child can only be accomplished with the cooperation and help of the parents. The faculty and staff of Hattie A. Watts Elementary believe it must continually make every effort to solicit involvement of parents in the educational program. Hattie A. Watts Elementary School, through its faculty and curriculum, is putting forth every effort to meet the needs and demands of its students. This is accomplished through the balanced curriculum offerings that develop the whole child and an untiring effort by the staff to continually improve all facets of the instructional program. Some of the newer initiatives offered are:

    DIBELS Next

    DEEP Math


    Thinking Maps

    Harcourt StoryTown

    Reading Assistant


    Failure Free Reading




    All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes in order to benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. There is a direct relationship between poor attendance and class failure. Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school more and are much more employable after leaving school.

    If your child will be absent from school, notify the school (395-5976) before 8:30 A.M. The automated system will make phone calls if your child is absent. Parents/students should become familiar with the parish attendance/tardy policy found in the St. Mary Parish School Newspaper. The state policy has changed and a child can only miss 14 days of school a year. After 14 days, excused or unexcused, a child receives a non-attendance F and will repeat the grade.

    1st Notice …………….3 days absence….phone conference request with principal

    Preventative Step … 5 days absence….referral the DA’s TASC program

    2nd Notice …………5 days absence… conference at school with principal

    3rd Notice …………… 11 days conference with principal- any

    additional days absent will result in loss of credit

    Tardies will be enforced this year! Instruction begins at 8:10. Please have your children to school by 8:00 so that we are all ready to begin at 8:10


    Three (3) tardies ……….. notified by letter

    Six (6) tardies ………….. notified by letter, school conference, referral to the DA program

    Nine (9) tardies …………. May result in a referral to the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor. If a hearing is required, parents, student, and Supervisor shall be present at the hearing.



    Hattie Watts Cracker Jacks – Students have three weeks to earn a box of Cracker Jacks for academic excellence. In grades 1 – 4, if they have all A’s and B’s on their weekly test folders at least once in a three week period, they earn a box of cracker jacks or an incentive prize. In K, they are rewarded for having all of their homework completed in a three-week period and PreK uses the Cracker Jack incentive for a behavior reward.

    Hattie Watts Read Like A Rockstar!

    Students in grades 1st – 4th will earn prizes for outside reading. A special prize will be given for 25 books, 50 books, 75 books and the top goal of 100 books. A letter and recording sheet will be sent home the first month of school.



    Watts is proud to be a participant in the Adopt-A-School Program. Patterson State Bank, Cypress Point Supermarket, Dad and Lad Togs, Patterson Sonic, H.A. Pinho Construction, Dr. Lee Craddock, Billy’s Structures, Klimate King Storage, Cliff’s Mobil, and Patterson Garden Club have adopted us. We very much appreciate the interest these businesses have displayed. Please contact us if you know any business that is interested in adopting the school. Sponsors provide support in many ways – Time, Talent, and Treasure!


    Parents delivering students to school in the morning are to use either of the entrances on Park or Taft Street. In order to ensure your child’s safety, all parents must enter the drop off lines. NOTE: Park and Taft Streets will be one-way streets in the mornings and afternoons. Parents with children of both grade levels need to instruct the older child to meet their younger sibling on the Park Street side. This will allow for a continuous movement of the younger children. Parents: Please do not drop off or pick up your child in front of the school in the bus-loading zone –This is very dangerous. Following school rules applies to all stakeholders. Children will not be dismissed to vehicles in the front of the school.

    Students are not to arrive at school before 7:40 A.M. Parents, you are taking a risk if you allow them to arrive any earlier, because teachers do not go on duty until that time. The students will be unsupervised any time before 7:40 A.M.



    Honor Roll - Students who earn at least a 3.0 average for the grading period.

    Principal’s List -Students who achieve a 4.0 average for the grading period (ALL A’s).

    B.U.G. Award – sponsored by the Kiwanis – this award is given to any student to shows improvement in their grades. Awards and prizes will be given at an assembly each grading period.



    Character Award -Students who portray the appropriate character traits in and out of the classroom.

    TERRIFIC kids – sponsored by the Kiwanis – students receive recognition and awards for making great character choices.

    We are working with our PTO on developing an awards ceremony for honor roll and character award students each nine week grading period. More information will come home during the school year.




    Bus students must:

    Be on time at their stops

    Obey the driver promptly

    Keep the bus clean

    Obey any bus patrol orders

    Not tease, scuffle, or create a disturbance

    Keep arms, legs, and head inside the bus

    Not move around when bus is moving

    Not throw articles out the windows

    Not transport large items, items must fit under the seat

    Not talk loud

           Obtain permission before opening windows

    Ride their assigned bus

    Get off the bus at assigned location only

    Note: Violation of bus rules will result in disciplinary action from the administration. In addition, St. Mary Parish School Board Policy states fighting on the bus will result in a three (3) day suspension from school and an additional seven (7) day suspension off of the bus.


    Students checking into school after the tardy bell must be signed in at the front office by a parent/guardian. Students will be marked "absent" from school until a parent or guardian signs them in.

    Students are allowed to check out for emergencies only: doctor visits, illness or other allowable reasons. Parents must come to school and sign students out. Students should notify their teachers if they are ill and need to check out. The teacher will notify the office to call home. Students may be sent to the office to call for medication only. Emergency contacts listed on the family information sheet will be deemed acceptable to check a student out of school.

    Students will not be allowed to leave from field trips with parents. No check outs will be allowed. We are responsible for the children from the time they leave campus until they return back to campus. Please do not ask for this policy to be changed. Do not schedule appointments or make plans in or around the field trip destinations.


    Parent/Teacher conferences are the cornerstones for a successful school year for your child and yourself. Please keep in contact with your child’s teacher, regardless of the progress of your child. This will let your child know that you are serious about their education. To set up a conference, call the school and the secretary will assist you. Please do not call teachers at home, talk to them while on duty, or try to talk at the classroom door while lessons are taking place. Your child’s teacher will notify you of his/her times for conferences.


    Students may be subject to corporal punishment by state law and parish policy. Parents must notify the front office in writing if students have severe emotional, mental, or physical problems that would make corporal punishment detrimental to their welfare.


    We feel that the school and the home are a team and that without complete understanding and cooperation between the two, our stated goals for your child may not be met. Please help us by helping your child understand that both acceptable and unacceptable behavior is a choice: if unacceptable behavior is chosen, consequences will follow. Acceptable choices enable all of us to more easily reach our goals.

    Students are expected to follow all rules and policies of the school and will obey all adults that are members of the faculty and staff. With the proper use of the assertive discipline system, the student has already been given enough warning by the time a referral is sent to the office. Each referral will result in detention, SAC, corporal punishment, or suspension.

    Assertive Discipline Policy

    Name on board - warning

    First check - student conference and punishwork (practice worksheets)

    Second check – MDR (Minor Discipline Report)/Recess Detention punishwork sent home by teacher.

    Five (5) MDRs/Recess Detentions will result in 1 hour of SAC (after school detention).

    Ten (10) MDRs/ Recess Detentions warrants 2 hours SAC (2 days).

    Fifteen (15) MDRs/Recess Detentions warrants a one-day suspension.

    After twenty (20)MDRs/Recess Detentions, a recommendation will be made for a hearing with the child welfare officer.

    *Participation in field trips and field days can be jeopardized by inappropriate behavior.



    Student Adjustment Center (SAC)

    The student adjustment center will be held on assigned Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10 to 4:10. Notices will be sent home on the day of the infraction and a reminder note will be sent home the day before the actual detention.


    A parent must accompany students who are returning to school after a suspension. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make up missed work within two (2) days after returning to school or the student will receive a zero (0) on all work missed.

    Note: ALL DISCIPLINE MATTERS ARE LEFT TO THE DISCRETION OF THE ADMINISTRATION. Below are some of the possible offenses with their consequences.

    Disrespect to teacher: SAC or suspension depending on severity

    Cursing faculty or staff: suspension

    Fighting: 3 day suspension; according to parish policy

    Stealing: SAC or suspension and reimbursement



    CAR RIDERS: Parents are to pick up car riding students by the cafeteria or Kindergarten entrance each day. NEW!!!!! PreK, K, and 1st grade car riders will be picked up by the cafeteria (Park Street). 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders will be picked up on the Taft Street side! If you have children in both age groups, please have the older one meet the younger one by the cafeteria.

    WALKERS: For our children’s safety, please follow these regulations. 1st – 4th grade students - Both Taft Street and Park Street walkers will be escorted to the crossing guards on their respective sides. If you are walking to meet your child, please meet them across the street in the lot. PreK & K walkers are to be picked up at the double doors between the Kindergarten and 4th grade wing. Walkers will remain in the building until someone picks them up. Please help us make dismissal as safe and smooth as possible by following the rules.

    ****** Any student left at school after 3:30 PM, will be put in the afternoon Student Care Program and will be charged for the placement.


    Fire and tornado drills will be held on a regular basis. Evacuation routes are posted in each classroom. Respond quickly and quietly to your teacher’s directions during drills or emergencies. Students who may be out of class or between classes should exit as quickly and quietly as possible and report to a teacher.


    Give the school at least a 24-hour notice before dropping a student from school. We must have time to complete all facets of the procedure without distracting teachers from their job of teaching. No records will be transferred to another school until all debts are paid to Hattie Watts.


    If any disaster or emergency causes an early dismissal, the announcement will be made on local radio stations (KQKI, KMRC). Parents should then come to school to get their children. If for any reason the school is deemed unsafe, students will be walked to Patterson Junior High or an alternate location and your child may be picked up there.


    It is essential that the records of a school be as accurate as possible. You, as parents, know how quickly children can become ill or injured. It is imperative that we are able to contact a parent, relative, or friend to care for the child. In the case of extreme illness or injury and we can’t contact a parent, it will be the school’s policy to contact Acadian Ambulance Service, Patterson Police Department or to take any action we deem appropriate, with parents responsible for the cost. Please update information any time there is a change!


    Parents will receive notices of field trips well in advance of the trip and will be asked to sign permission slips. On some trips, a small amount of money may be requested from you to help with expenses. All school debts must be taken care of prior to attendance or participation in field trips. Discipline problems can keep a child from participating in field trips. No check outs will be allowed from an off campus site.


    A student must earn two quality points the second semester to pass for the year and must pass the fourth nine-weeks. If a student fails the second semester because he/she does not earn two (2) quality points, he/she fails for the year in the course.


    Hattie Watts will sponsor fund raising activities to finance school needs. When students participate in fund raisers, we ask parents to assist their children to insure success of the sale and safety of their child. Items of the fundraiser become the responsibility of the student once issued to him/her. Items and money must be returned by the assigned date. Do not send large amounts of fundraiser money to school with your child. Please bring it to the office.




    Meal Prices for 2010-11

    (meal prices may increase – board had not met prior to printing handbooks)



    At cost (visitors & extra meal)


    Full Pay






    Full Pay






    Extra Sales: Milk $.50

    Water (16oz.) $.75

    Lunch Entrée $1.00

    FREE or REDUCED Application

    Parents who feel their children qualify for free or reduced meals may fill out an application form that will be sent home. Approval of the form takes two to three weeks and parents are expected to pay for meals during this period. Parents will be notified when the request is approved or denied. We need families to apply in order for us to keep our Title I status.

    Payment for meals may be for the day, week, or calendar month, and parents may send a check for the correct amount for payment. It is strongly recommended to pay by the month. This will help everyone stay on top of any debts.


    Please note that it is unlawful for the school to administer or for students to take any form of medication without a form completed by the child’s physician and a permission form signed by the child’s parent. These forms may be obtained in the school office. Additionally, any medication to be so administered at school must be sent in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacist or physician. This policy includes all prescription and non-prescription medicines needed by a child on a regular or "as needed" basis (i.e. inhalers for asthma patients). Children may not have any prescription or non-prescription medicine including aspirin, cough drops, eye drops, etc. Teachers are under strict orders to pick up any such medicines and send them to the office. Parents must come to school to pick up the medicine.

    In case of the occasional need, a parent may come to school and personally administer medication as needed.




    Parents should give students instructions for after school before the students come to school. If a change is needed, please send the classroom teacher a note. Seldom should parents have to call school to give instructions for after school. With over 500 students, we cannot give daily messages. If an emergency happens and plans need to change during the day, please notify the office well before 2:30. Messages can mot be delivered after 2:45. Thanks for your assistance in making dismissal smoother by planning ahead.


    Any student who misses school for any reason: illness, suspension, school activities, etc., are responsible for the work missed during their absence. Students must make arrangements with their teacher within two (2) days of returning to school for making up the missed work.

    Test Center will be assigned ofr students who are absent on a test day. Test Center will be held on Wednesdays – from 3:20 – 4:30.


    The school nurse will be at Hattie A. Watts daily. The nurse’s primary function is to handle student health records and carry out any program that is mandated by the state and/or parish. Students who are not in compliance with health regulations or have a communicable disease or condition will be suspended from school until the condition has been remedied or compliance has been attained.


    Open house will be held on August 18th at 6:00 for grades 1 - 4. PreK and K hold parent orientation prior to students starting school. We welcome all parents to attend and meet their child’s teacher(s). New initiatives will be discussed. Information about PTO will be available! We will begin in the cafeteria and then report to student rooms.

    Parent-Teacher Organization PTO

    Parents are welcome to join Hattie Watt’s PTO, which meets frequently during the school year. The organization plans activities for the students. We are very excited about the activities provided, money donated, and time spent from the PTO on helping us to increase student achievement. Thanks for your dedication to the success of all students!


    A party will be held at the end of the day at times the teacher deems proper and the School Board approves. Parents should check with their child’s teacher about refreshments.



    Students are NOT to bring any personal items, radios, toys, iPods, games, etc., to school unless it is for a class project of some type. These items are not to be brought to aftercare! Any of these items brought to school will be picked up and sent to the office. Items will be returned by the Administration after a reasonable period of time.


    Students will NOT be allowed to use the phone except in an emergency as determined by school personnel.


    Individual pictures will be taken at school two times during the school year. Fall and spring pictures will be taken. Parents will be notified in advance of the day pictures will be taken. Class pictures will be taken and color yearbooks will be sold.


    Students must pass math, language and reading. They are also subject to the State mandated tests, attendance, teacher opinion, and other criteria. Summer school will be provided for those who do not pass the iLEAP test along with those 2nd and 3rd graders not meeting passing criteria.


    Report cards are issued each nine-weeks to all students. The students must return the signed envelope to their teacher each nine-week period. Report cards are held if the student has any debt to the school. Please monitor progress using the parent Command center. Information on setting up an account is in the back of the handbook.


    Parents/students should report any unsafe condition. Students should refrain from running, throwing, horseplay, wrestling, or any activity that could create an unsafe condition or situation. Students will be assigned to SAC if they engage in these dangerous activities.


    The Administration of Hattie A. Watts reserves the right to search any desk, person, or possession when the health and safety of the students/staff are involved. The school may be inspected by law enforcement agencies with probable cause.


    No gum, candy, chips, sunflower seeds are allowed to be consumed on school property unless as a reward from a teacher!! We encourage students to buy healthy snacks and drinks during the afternoon recess.



    Please make sure to ask your child for notes that are sent home. Not every Friday is a jean day. We do not follow the same jean day schedule as the Junior and Senior High Schools. Spirit days are listed on the monthly calendar, reminder notes are sent home, and announcements are made. Remember, spirit shirts can be worn with uniform shorts or pants every Friday. Jean days serve as a reward for students and faculty members. If a child comes to school in jeans without his/her dollar and MDR is written and detention is served.


    LEAP – Fourth grade students

    iLEAP ~ third grade students

    District-made tests – 2nd – 4th grade


    Students are held strictly accountable for their behavior and actions at school, coming to school, going home, or while away from school on a field trip.

    STUDENT AFTERCARE PROGRAM for Hattie Watts Students

    This program will operate Monday through Friday on regular school days from dismissal time to 5:30 PM. A one time $10.00 registration fee is required. The tuition fee is $18.00 for one child weekly and $14.00 for each additional child. Those students dropping in on a daily basis will require a daily fee of $5.00. If you are interested, please contact the office.

    An after-care discipline policy will be sent home for parent signature with the registration form. Three- strikes you’re out! Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

    Any student left at school after 3:30 PM will be put in the student aftercare program and charged the drop-in rate. The second time a child is sent because of late pick up the registration fee will be charged in addition to the drop-in rate.


    Test papers will be sent home weekly. The papers need to be signed and returned the next day. Students who do not return papers will no longer have their papers sent home until the first ones are returned.



    Students are responsible for the care of textbooks and are expected to return them in good condition. Students will pay for lost or damaged books. When issued a textbook, please pay attention to the condition of the textbook. Existing conditions should be noted on paper and given to the teacher.


    All students at Hattie A. Watts Elementary must wear the appropriate, standard school uniform as determined by the St. Mary Parish School Board. The administration will make the determination regarding the acceptability of a student’s uniform dress, accessories, and appearance. For further information, see the St. Mary Parish School Newspaper or policy on the website www.stmary.k12.la.us

    Jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts that are going to be left on in the building must be solid navy, white, khaki, tan, gray, black or red with no lettering or graphics. Hattie Watts and Patterson Lumberjack sweatshirts are allowed. All others must be removed in the buildings. Undershirts need to be white. No colored shirts will be allowed under the uniform shirts.


    ALL PARENTS AND GUESTS MUST SIGN IN THE OFFICE! This will assist the school in guaranteeing the safety of our students. Please do not knock on the other doors. Students should never open a door for anyone. Report to the front office and sign in. Parents will not be allowed to go to the classrooms during instruction time. Volunteers will need to gather all materials prior to instruction time. No parents will be allowed in the halls during instruction time unless escorted by one of the administrators. Conferences need to be scheduled during the teachers’ preparation time. We do not want to interfere with instruction time.


    Many parents have the time and talents to help at school with many of the jobs that teachers must do. Teachers greatly appreciate parents who take the time to help in any way possible. We will have a one day a week volunteer time. This will eliminate any down time for volunteers. Teachers appreciate additional assistance. It makes their job a little easier when a parent takes the time to help. If you wish to help, please contact your child’s teacher if you can help out by cutting out instructional aides or organizing papers at home.


    Students are allowed to purchase yearbooks during the school year.






    St. Mary Parish

    Hattie A. Watts Elementary School

    Parental Involvement Policy

    Statement of Philosophy

    The philosophy of the St. Mary Parish Public School System is based on the underlying belief that a child’s education is vitally affected by the quality and character of the relationship between home and school. The school system recognizes that parents are their children’s first teachers and valuable partners in educating children. The school system is eager to combine the educational forces of home, school and community to improve educational opportunities for all children.

    Hattie A. Watts Elementary is dedicated to facilitating a positive interaction between parents and school. Emphasis is placed on forming a home-school partnership to benefit the students and all those involved in their welfare. This school’s staff recognizes the parents' right and responsibility to be involved in an organized, ongoing and timely way in the planning, review, evaluation and improvement of our many parent programs.


    The St. Mary Parish Public School System and Hattie A. Watts Elementary have developed this parental involvement policy with the collaboration and input from parents of participating children. This policy is in direct alignment with the district policy and serves as the basis for parental involvement and is an integral part of the School Improvement Plan. Each school year a meeting of the school improvement team including parents and students will be convened with representatives of all students identified in the subgroups listed in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002. Each school year, the school improvement team will address any concerns and dissatisfaction expressed by parents through a review and update of the School Parental Involvement Policy.

    Parents serving on the School Improvement Team provide input on parental involvement policy and activities to be implemented at Hattie A. Watts. Hattie A. Watts will provide agendas and sign-in sheets to the district office to insure parents are involved in the process.

    At an Open House/Parent Information Night, the principal will present the School Parental Involvement Policy. Throughout the school year, additional meetings will be conducted at various times to provide parents and community members ample opportunity to review and comment on the School Parental Involvement Policy. Assistance will be provided to parents requiring transportation, childcare and interpreters and other identified needs, as they are determined.





    At the beginning of each school year, a student/parent/teacher compact is signed by all stakeholders in order to build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the State’s high standards.

    The compact describes the school’s responsibility to provide a high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment. It also describes the way in which parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning and ways parents may volunteer and participate in decisions relating to the education of their children.

    Issues of open communication between parents and teachers are also addressed in the compact.


    Parental Training

    Hattie A. Watts Elementary will conduct an annual orientation meeting (Open House) and periodic meetings during the year to inform parents of the State’s achievement standards, state and local academic assessments, and instructional programs provided in the school.

    Hattie Watts, in collaboration with the district, will provide materials and workshops to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s academic achievement. A partial list of activities from the school’s improvement plan are:

    a. Monthly newsletters, including upcoming parent involvement activities, special events, and classroom activities

    b. Math and Reading progress reports (tutoring students)

    Open house (Beginning of School)

    d. Spring Make and Take workshops (Tutoring students)

    Family Support Team Committee (Provide help to parents/students)

    Preschool parent workshops (Spring and Fall)

    Technology/ Math workshops

    Parent/Teacher Organization- Parent Advisory Board









    St. Mary Parish Homeless Children & Youth Education Program

    The Homeless Children & Youth Education Program of The St. Mary Parish School System carries out federally mandated policies to ensure that homeless children and youth have access to a free, appropriate public education on the same basis as children and youth with established residences. Laws, regulations, practices or policies should not act as barriers to the enrollment, attendance of school, or success of homeless students.

    The McKinney-Vento Act protects the educational rights of children and youth in the following homeless situations: (Title X, Part C, of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

    • Children living in shelters, including domestic violence shelters.

    • Children living in hotels or motels or weekly-rate apartments.

    • Children living in substandard conditions – not fit for human habitation (i.e. no electricity, no heat, no running water, no windows or doors, holes in the roof or floor, no way to cook or store food.)

    • Abandoned, runaway, throwaway children and youth.

    • Two or more families living together in crowded or undesirable living conditions (doubling or tripling up because they have no place of their own to live where they can safely and healthfully meet their basic needs in privacy and with dignity).

    The Rights of Homeless Students

    Federal Law: McKinney-Vento Act

    The law gives children and youth in homeless situations the right to:

    • Stay in their school even if they move.

    • Have immediate access to school enrollment without proof of residency, immunization or school records.

    • Get transportation to school.

    • Go to pre-school programs.

    • Get all the school services they need.

    • Have disagreements with schools settled quickly.

    • A school district may not deny a homeless child enrollment because he or she cannot provide the required documents to establish residency.















    The St. Mary Parish School System believes that all children should have equal access to a meaningful education, regardless of their national origin or their home language. In compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Opportunity Act of 1974, and the State Louisiana Bulletin 1851 with respect to the education of the language minority students with limited English proficiency (LEP), it is the responsibility of the St. Mary Parish School System to ensure that the instruction conducted in their schools meets the unique needs of language minority students, both students who are new arrivals , and those who, though born in the United States, are brought up in an environment where a language other than English is dominant.

    The Goal of the Bilingual/ESL program is to ensure that LEP students attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic achievement in English, and make adequate yearly progress as required by the State. The parish has in place a system that provides for the identification, assessment, placement and instruction of LEP students. All students with a primary language or home language other than English, as identified on the Home Language Survey at the time of their initial enrollment, will be assessed to determine his/her proficiency in the English language. The information gathered will be used in their placement and the planning of their instructional programs. Any person with questions or concerns about the education of LEP students should contact Michael Moncriffe at (985) 384-1250.


    In accordance with No Child Left Behind Act :

    • All students are to be enrolled regardless of documentation or visa status.

    • All LEP students have equal access to all programs and services.

    • All students are administered a Home Language Survey at enrollment and are given a valid screening assessment to determine LEP status.

    • Foreign Exchange students who meet the legal definition of LEP are serviced.

    • Parental involvement and outreach are provided to all LEP families. Important notices and information are provided to parents in an understandable format.

    • Concurrent with the use of state curriculum standards, educators use English Language Development Standards, Bulletin 112, to monitor LEP students’ progress and guide instruction.

    • Accommodations for LEP students on statewide assessments are administered.

    • LEP students with disabilities must have language-related needs addressed on their Individualized Education Programs

    • A school district cannot ask about a child’s citizenship or immigration status to establish residency within the district.

    • Districts can not prevent a child from enrolling in school because he or she has a foreign birth certificate or cannot provide a social security number.





    Communications to all parents related to school and parents programs, meetings, and other activities will be in one or more of the following forms and in the parent’s native language, when practical:



    Phone calls

    Newspaper/television announcements


    District website posting

    Parent Command Center


    The St. Mary Parish Public School System and its schools inform parents of the existence and purpose of the Louisiana Parent Information Center through newsletters, posters, web site postings and announcements at parent involvement activities.


    YWCA Family Resource Center

    3180 Convention Street

    Baton Rouge, LA 70806

    Office: (225) 338-0028

    Parent Training and Information Center for Louisiana (students with disabilities)

    Project PROMPT

    4323 Division St. Suite 110

    Metairie, LA 70002

    Office: 504-888-9111 800-766-7736



    By signing the cover sheet attached to the handbook, you acknowledge that you have read and are familiar with all the school policies and procedures.

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