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A LEADER in ME school


Mrs. Niki Fryou

Click HERE for a message from the principal.

Assistant Principals:
Mrs. Brandy Breaux
Ms. Sheryl Gibbons




A 2011 U.S. Dept. of Education BLUE RIBBON school


SPS score:  108.5
School grade:  B

Home of the Wee Jacks

Who Dat?  WEE dat!  Wee Jacks of Watts!

Mrs. Niki Fryou

2013 National Distinguished Principal
by the
National Association
of Elementary
School Principals

State Elementary
of the

We are proud of you!


  Report card day is May 26

           2014-15 Supply List   
                             These are the items to be purchased by parents.  Additional supplies may be requested by individual teachers throughout the year.   
Thank you to the St. Mary Parish School Board for funding a large supply list for students again this year.  Click here to see the list of supplies already purchased for students.  Tell board members "Thanks!" when you see them!   

Link to the monthly newsletter! A copy was also sent home.
                 Link to Past newsletters

 Calendar link by  month - newsletter calendar events

    Bus routes for Hattie Watts Elementary and east end of parish

  2014-15 entire year calendar from school board

 Flu and Germ Fighting Tactics for Families

  Attendance is so important.  Our school goal is 97%.  We well hold an atten"DANCE" each day we reach our goal  We will play music over the intercom and everyone has the opportunity to dance by their desk if they choose.  Help us reach this goal.  Students can complete make up work but will never get the missed instruction. 

We want to reward the school with some free jean days - help us by making sure your child follows the uniform policy daily.  Also refer to calendar on Fridays.  We want all to follow the rules and then we will have 100% rule follower FREE jean day!!!!

Please make sure you mark your calendar for Club days -- adhere to the pickup times.  Teachers have additional meetings and responsibilities.  Student will be sent to aftercare and fees will apply. 


Parents:  Please make a "Rainy Day Plan" with your child!  While we are dismissing our 700+ kids, not knowing where they are supposed to go in the rain is confusing for us and for your child.  SEE THE PARENT PAGE FOR REGULAR DISMISSAL POLICIES. 

 We save Community Coffee UPC codes and General Mills Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education!  Send anytime!

academic Success:  Under construction!

Thanks to the voters for passing the millage to allow  future construction of a multipurpose building for our wee jacks!  we really appreciate it!

we are growing to meet the needs of Patterson!



Mrs. Hattie Watts as depicted on the school's
wall mural. 

 See "School Information" tab above for more pictures       
and history!

I see the LEADER in ME!
Watts faculty participated in a 4 day Leader in Me training in July.



The Parent Command Center is a secure Internet-based
 resource for parents or guardians that allows them
to keep track of a child's grades,
attendance, and transcript information.








































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