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   School Performance Grade  = A

BHS has been designated an A school for the past 3 years
and a Top Gains school for the past 2 years!

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Congratulations to our new student council officers:
Executive Officers:
Senior Executive President – Shelby Bergeron
Senior executive V. President – Jeanne Marie Hidalgo
Junior Executive President – Gabby Adams
Junior Executive V. President – Macy Landry
Sophomore Class
President – Jenna Dreher
V. President – Parker Felterman
Sec./Treas. – Tyler Lambert
Junior Class
President – Brandon Lemoine
V. President – Kayla Falgout
Sec./Treas. – Bailey Parro
Senior Class:
President – Mary Margaret Sanford
V. President – Claire Parsiola
Sec./Treas. – Emma Gray

Events at a Glance:

18 - 25: Spring Break
28: English 101 Final
Jeans Days: 4, 1, 17

3: State Solo and Ensemble Festival
4 - 9: Teacher Appreciation Week
6: Math 102 Test #3
7: School Nurse Day
8: Math 102 Final
8: Band Concert - 6:00
9: ACT Deadline for June 14th
9: Senior Exams 1-4
9: English III AP exam
12: Senior Make-ups
12: Sports Awards - 6:00
13: Graduation Practice for seniors - 8:30 in gym
14: US History AP exam
15: Graduation - 7:00
16: Spanish AP exam
19: Junior Ring Ceremony - 6:00
20: 9th - 11th Academic Awards - 10:30 am
20: Power Cats - 4th block
21: Exams 1, 2
22: Exams 3, 4
23: Make-up Day
27: Report Card Pickup

Class Notes

Excellent source for just about everything College!

 - Project Graduation Fees are $20 dollars for those who wish to attend - You can bring those fees to the office for collection
  - go to the guidance page of our website for an exhaustive list of available scholarships.
  - Scholarship deadlines are posted on the main calendar by guidance.  You should check these EVERY week!
  - Start bringing in Project Graduation Fees of 20 dollars to give to Mrs. Kennedy

  - Did you take the ACT?
  - State-mandated ACT testing will be given March 18th for all 11th graders and select 12th graders.
  - Boy's State: Taylor Fegenbush and Cameron Perera
  - Girl's State: Hannah Hartley and Jeanne Marie Hidalgo

 - HOBY Representatives: Gabrielle Adams, Sunnie Dupre, and Arly Salinas
 - Louisiana Youth Seminar Selectees: Morgan Chaisson, Kayla Falgout, Macy Landry, and Hannah Roy
 - PLAN testing was held March 13th.  It will take about 4-5 weeks for scores to be returned.

  - Doing homework and completing your readings for Accelerated Reading is critical to your success!
  - EXPLORE testing was held March 13th.  It will take about 4-5 weeks for scores to be returned.

Student and Faculty Quick Links:
                  Parent Command Center: Check Grades Online

Our 2013-14 PowerCats

Month 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Faculty
August Grant Oubre Ashton Morales Cari Powell Samuel Bergeron Dr. Fegenbush
September Brianna Delafuente Jose' De Quintanilla Mary Margaret Sanford Chase Landry Tina Naquin
October Ryan Hover Scotty Robin, Jr. Brandon Naverro Sarah Carpenter Yvette Lake
November Olivia Orlando Morgan Chaisson Allis Armato Sarah Sanner BJ McCarter
December Mary Jordan Melancon Whitney Patterson Alexis Izaguirre Kennedy Chapman Kim Vasquez
January Cody Roberie Madeline Hover Brandy Naverro Dean LeBlanc Paul Gilder
February Nicholas Levergne Tanner Caldwell Taylor Fegenbush Branson Landry Brenda Paray
March Tyler Lambert Brandon Cortez Jeremy Engleton Sarah Rentrop Antoinette Small
April Cooper Roussel Gabrielle Hebert McKenzie Baumgartner Brandon Hampton Dennis McDill
Citizen of the Year          

View Details Check us out!

 * Miss Olivia Gilbert - 2014 BHS Student of the Year
 * Mrs. Kimberly Vasquez - 2014 Teacher of the Year
 * Class of 2014 Homecoming Royalty: King Nick Duthu and Queen Sara Swisher
 * Brieanna Hill - Selected for the All-Star State Volleyball Team
 * St. Mary Parish October Student of the Month - Sarah Carpenter
 * St. Mary Parish October Employee of the Month - Yvette Lake
HOBY Representatives: Gabrielle Adams and Sunnie Dupre
 * Louisiana Youth Seminar Selectees: Morgan Chaisson, Kayla Falgout, Macy Landry, Hannah Roy and Arly Salinas
 * District Honor Band: Abigail Suitt, Olivia Gilbert, Cari Powell, Sarah Sanner, Kierstin Tholen, Dylan Dinger, Cullen Hinkle
 * All-State Honor Band: Olivia Gilbert
 * Sound of Pride: Straight 1s at the MCHS Festival
 * Way to take District Honors - Sound of Pride Straight 1s!!!
 * Masonic Honesty and Integrity Award Honorees: Neal Theriot and Allis Armato
 * All-State Composite Academic Team (Volleyball) - Diana Grace Guarisco
 * All State Composite Academic Team (Swim) - Olivia Gilbert
 * Wendy's Heisman Local Honoree: Drew Landry
District VII Choral Director’s Association 2013-2014 District Honor Choir: Cayd Hatch, Peytan Theriot, Sydney Carver, Maggie Martin, Aleigh Dupuy, Corrine Benandi, Hannah Crochet
 * Congratulations to Brie Hill for signing with ULL to play volleyball
 * NSU Sight reading Selectees:
Nadia Breaux, Sarah Sanner, Colby DeHart, Abby Suitt, Michaela Strick, Olivia Gilbert, Sarah Sanner
 * Justin Rohrig - Congratulations for making the Phantom Regiment
 * District Literary Rally: Samuel Bergeron (Accounting - 1st), Charity Robin (Advance Math Functions and Stats - 2nd), Thomas Arthur (Advance Math Pre-Calculus - 3rd), Beau Boudreaux (BCA - 2nd), Olivia Gilbert (Calculus - 2nd), Samuel Wilburn (Civics - 3rd), Katherine Theriot (English II - 1st), Taylor Fegenbush (English III - 2nd), Zachary Smith (Environmental Science - 1st), Rebecca Richard (Fine Arts Survey - 2nd), Nadia Breaux (French I - 2nd), Micah Soileau (Geometry - 3rd), Parker Felterman (Health - 1st), Noah Richard (Intro to BCA - 1st), Cassi McQuilling (Physical Science - 1st), Kierstin Tholen (Physics - 3rd), Zachary McEndree (US History - 1st), Olivia Orlando (World Geography - 3rd)
 * Congratulations to Olivia Gilbert - Played at Carnegie Hall!
 *  Boy's State: Taylor Fegenbush and Cameron Perera
 * Girl's State: Hannah Hartley and Jeanne Marie Hidalgo
HOBY Representatives: Gabrielle Adams, Sunnie Dupre, and Arly Salinas
 * All-State Composite Team (Tennis) - Signe Parsiola
 * All-State Compostie Team (Track) - Olivia Gilbert and Signe Parsiola
 * All-State Composite Team (Bowling) - Elle Arcemont
 * All-State Composite Team (Softball) - Brooke Hotard and Olivia Gilbert - swim
 * Congratulations to Olivia Gilbert - New School Record in the 50 Freestyle - swim
 * Congratulations to Josh Miller - New School Records in the 50 and 100 Freestyle
 * Congratulations to Kennedy Sampey - New School Pole Vault Record - 10' 7"
 * State FBLA Winners:
Olivia Gilbert— Business Calculations (2nd), Olivia Gilbert and Rebecca Richard—Global Business (8th), Parker Felterman— Agribusiness (2nd)
 * Congratulations to the Sound of Pride - Straight 1s at District Festival and Qualifiers for State Competition!
 * Berwick Prom Royalty: King Bobby Boudreaux and Queen Erin Brown
 * Shining Stars Selectees: Bobby Boudreaux, Olivia Gilbert, Randi Hoff, and Signe Parsiola


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