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The links on this page have been collected to be used by students, parents, and teachers.
We hope you find them both fun and educational!

Language Arts

Word of the Day

Wacky Tales


Mystery Net

On-line Stories  

Tongue Twisters

Dr. Seuss


Read, Write, and Think

Game Goo

Tumble Books through the
St. Mary Parish Public Library
free online children's Books
(Click on Tumble Books link on the top.
Then, click on Story Books)







Informational Resources

St. Mary Parish Research Links
Berwick Elementary School Id is 04bes
Ask Mrs. Kelly about the password. 

BES World Book Online








Test Prep

LEAP and iLEAP practice

Louisiana Pass and Newton's Classroom
(St. Mary Password to
set up an account: tiger)



Keyboarding Practice

Play "Type Me" Game

Touch Typing

Scholastic Online Activities

Copyright Free Music for School Projects

Common Core
MusOpen Classical Music

Free Play Music




Know it All

Neuroscience for Kids - Brain Games

Create a Pond


Planets for Kids

Weight on Other Planets and Moons

Great Science Links

Magic School Bus 

How Stuff Works

Kids Health

Star Child

Animal Scoop

Social Studies

Today in History

Career Research

Louisiana Symbols Online Coloring Book

The American Experience for Kids

Ask a Historian

Time Magazine for Kids

Ben's Guide to Government for Kids

World Almanac for Kids

White House for Kids

Stately Knowledge

Geography Links

Cultural Differences

List of Timelines

50 States 


Big Brainz- Math Facts

Collection of Math Sites

Math Magician

Math Problem of the Week

More Math Links

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


 Space Arrays 

 Table Trees



 Estimate Length

 Buzzing with Shapes

 Slides, Flips, and Turns

 Solid Figures and Plane Shapes

 Loading Shapes

Multiplication Flash Games

Baseball Multiplication

Math Is Fun Games


I know That

Various Subjects & Games


R. L. Stein Horror Land

Enchanted Learning

Internet 4 Classrooms

Scholastic Kids: The Stacks


Class Brain

Fun School

PBS Kids


More Fun Links


* Some sites on this list were taken from lists that were complied by Dr. Sue LeBeau.

*If you choose to continue to the sites on this page,  your communications no longer are protected by the St. Mary Parish School Board’s privacy policy. The St. Mary Parish School Board is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of non-district websites.